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HCG dieting Grows in Popularity Due to Amazing Results Experienced


Healthcare is becoming more expensive every day, and one of the areas in which clinical expenditures are highest is in the treatment of excessive weight and obesity-related ailm

ents. With combined direct and indirect costs approaching 150 billion dollars annually in the United States alone-or nearly ten percent of overall medical spending-it’s apparent that obesity has reached epidemic proportions in America. Millions of men and women struggle toward achieving a healthy, maintainable weight every day, but most of them fail due to overly restrictive diet systems, ineffective weight loss supplements, and difficult or demanding physical fitness programs.

Over the past half-century, however, Dr. Albert Simeons and his research team have discovered a powerful fat-burning molecule that occurs naturally in the human body. Human Chorionic Gonadotropin-or HCG for short-is a glycoprotein hormone continuously created in small quantities in the pituitary glands of all healthy adults. The pituitary gland is in turn located in the hypothalamus, the portion of the human brain responsible for regulating hunger. As blood concentrations of HCG rise, appetite declines and metabolic efficiency  goes up; HCG is literally the chemical switch capable of turning hunger on and off.

Dr. Simeons found that by administering HCG to patients in small doses, he could induce rapid and noticeable weight loss-often as much as ten pounds in the first week of treatment alone. While HCG diet plan was originally only available in the form of a series of painful and costly intramuscular injections, recent innovations in nutritional science have led to the invention of oral HCG drops. These drops, which maintain the potency of the original injections with the convenience and low cost of a daily dietary supplement, allow individuals to burn pounds of ugly body fat while enjoying their usual diet and level of physical activity.

In fact, when combined with even a moderate reduction in calories and an increase in mild exercise, HCG achieves truly extraordinary results. Individuals participating in a very low calorie diet (VLCD) while taking HCG diet lost twice as much weight as dieters who only counted calories. Not only that, but because their food cravings were controlled at their source, those patients taking regular doses of HCG actually felt less hungry, ate less often, and consumed fewer overall calories than individuals who adhered to a lower calorie diet alone. In just a few short weeks, HCG users reached their target weights while control subjects struggled to maintain even the most gradual weight loss.

With overweight Americans struggling with everything from higher insurance premiums to expensive copays for drugs treating the complications of obesity-including high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol, and depression-it’s never been more expensive to remain at an unhealthy weight. HCG oral drops are a convenient, sustainable way to shed unwanted fat and feel great without wasting hundreds to thousands of dollars on complicated weight loss systems or accumulating significant healthcare debt. Burning excess body fat can be inexpensive and easy. HCG can help do just that.